Heavy ♥

I saw him

I saw him with her

I don’t know what to think

I don’t know how to react

But I felt a little heavy

Heaviness in my heart

I was blank for a moment

Everything seems slow

There was sadness.


Why did it affect me like that?

This is going too much

I didn’t expect.

Question in my head

Maybe she is special to him

A girlfriend?

But do I care?

It’s difficult to answer.

Was it jealousy?

Or something else?











funny forget

The feeling 

I have been thinking

I have been writing

I have been believing

Dissolves like a snap

Its funny, in a funny way

Because my friends

Told me “He is gay”

Should I believe

Should I not

But I must admit

It disappoints me a lot.

When I think about it.

I laugh to myself.

So this is how

That foolishness stops. 

Forget it.



I missed the show, I could have seen you
In my mind, I wonder
Were your eyes searching mine?
Under the crowded Christmas lights

I am hoping, somehow you will like me too
And you're interested to know
Sometimes I ask myself, if you're thinking of me too
But I can’t think any reason why should you.

May destiny brings us together
You and me, our time 
Just walking, watching sunset
Talking, sweet dancing.

Romantic thoughts I keep
Written in this sacred space
I never thought of someone
Like I do, to you.

You are strange, good puzzling ways
You seldom smile, I wonder why
I whisper this feeling to the air
And pray you feel the same.

Oh funny, this difficulty I'm in
It's good but tiring
But I just want to thank you
For making my heart sparkle again.

You may never know 
All of this
But maybe one day
I'll tell you about it.


The feeling I hide

Torturing me inside

Spending time thinking

Losing sleep sometimes

I think of him, out of nowhere

Why? Silly!  I should stop, I told myself.

We share different beliefs.

But this feeling, I keep to myself.

This feeling I am hiding,

This feeling I can’t even accept.

This feeling I am now freeing.

Days go by, I haven’t seen him

So here I am writing

Maybe I miss him.