I keep looking

You don’t know,

But I keep looking at you

Your photo, 

Your eyes, your eyebrow

You speak to me,


You know,

I fell silly to feel this way

Maybe I miss seing you,

Without being seen.

We’re both busy.

Far away,

Studies, experiences and friends

But strange, 

I deeply hope you think of me too

And look at my photo,

Speak like I do, tell me.

You miss me too.


I miss you

Here’s this site.

I forgot to visit

I forgot to write.


Maybe a little lonely.

Or I should say, not a priority.

I’m losing connection.

But don’t worry,

I’m alright.

I just would like to bring

that one visitor back.



Maybe I am tired

Demands of life

Demands of work

Demands of people

Or maybe I’m just overthinking?

I forgot what this is all about.

Pressure’s building.

But of all these, one good thing I notice.

That it leads me closer to Him.

Tried to breath, deep, hmmmmh

Praying everything will be in order.

Memorized St. Teresa’s words

“Let nothing disturb you

Let nothing frighten you,

all things are passing,

God never changes, God alone suffices.”

Well, now I say, in every demands, I am at peace 🙂






Embrace me

Draw nigh to God and

He will draw nigh to you, says James.

But here I am stepping further.

I miss those times

When I am so high

So high with you.

Your spirit soaring

Overwhelmed heart.

I felt complete

Happy and free.

But  my mistakes, my sins

Always before me.

I am truly sorry.

Embrace me. 



You’re Online :) 

Found myself staring at you

Your profile photo

In messenger

You’re online

I wish to say “Hi”

But I can’t, or maybe 

I choose not to, 


I don’t know.

Because we are not that close?

Or maybe 

because I just don’t want you to know.

and I do not wish to initiate.

But somehow, I thought

What if you know?

That I secretly admire you, 

and like you perhaps,

Well, defintely interested

I guess you’re boringly interesting.

Like me. 

I wonder how would you feel.

Will you be as interested 

to know me?

Maybe not. 

But I wish you are. 



Gusto lang talaga kitang makilala

Kasi iba ka,

Ibang-iba sa kanila.

May pagkakapareha kaya tayo?

Magustuhan mo kayo ako?

Sana bigyan tayo ng panahon

Nang pagkakataon

Na ikaw at ako

At makita ko sa mga mata mo.

Ang hindi pa nakikita 

ng ibang tao. 


I miss

I miss you, I miss writing

I miss to be alone, on my own

So many disturbances

But, when I think of it

Do they really matter?

Maybe yes, maybe not

A little bit, but not really important

I miss myself.

This time, it feels different.

Silence and peace.

A different kind of joy I felt.

I long for this.






my mind wanders
thoughts flow and flow

of things, of dreams

of places, of you

I feel like floating

just floating



not too much

just right

Im taking my time

Enjoying now

Looking forward whats next.