Been a while


Its been a while since I’ve written something, dull easy moments in life makes me feel lazy and indifferent. I think, for the past few months I lost something innate in me, my writing,  my interest, my cheerfulness, my poetry. It is hard to accept though but I know there was something different going around. Reading my previous post brings back good memories, colorful one. I think what is important  now is that this blog help me see myself at some point back in time, and its inspiring. Weather, others read this or not, I guess what is more important now is that the page I created when I have the passion and motivation helps me see myself again, what’s my word in the world of world. Indeed worth keeping.

So create your world too, make it a wonderful one.

Love yourself ♥ don’t be too hard, rekindle the fire within and LIVE again.


Much ♥