Welcome to CrizCruz’s world of words

Hey there! I welcome myself to this world of blogging. I have been planning this for long but never get the chance to do so, i guess i was too lazy to create and too busy to start, or maybe too shy to write, i am working on my confidence you see : ) but Im glad I finally make it, so here’s my first post 🙂

Im here to express what I feel, to share stories and to make the most of writing. I wanna know if people can relate to it , I will be writing anything under the sun, from my poems, my travel and adventure to my thoughts and realizations. This blog encompasses my thoughts and poetry, God’s love through nature’s beauty, kindness of people, smiles of strangers, company of friends and many more discoveries as I go along the way, making memories.

This is my journey. This is my story.  I know one day,  I will be rereading the lines I’ve written with a smile on my face, and yes that matters.

For years I created my own world that only me can see now I want to share it whatever people may say. I guess at some point we do not want to keep it or hide it or be embarrassed, after all we are all unique.

So this my world of words.

Sharing this note I made 5 years ago somewhere in my old old journal.

” My Hidden World”

Welcome to crizcruz’s world of writing

where all ideas are express fully

hidden thoughts divulge . . .

wants shared and wishes uttered,

In the world where every word tells something,

every statement creates life. . .

Here’s the place for secrets, for ambitions

for  achievements and for failures

The place where I can say I belong to

the deepest part of me lies in here

so mysterious . . . so obscure. . .

Full of life and histories, of hopes and dreams,

of faith love and thanksgiving

In my course of life I shall be remembered

for in writing i create wonders

In my own world. . . hidden in here

Someday It will be everywhere.


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