You are the fireworks of my boring nightsky.

Just like it, you disappear like that.

But at least there’s a few minutes of sparkling

spectacular colors in my dark shade.


Sunset and Solitude

On the bench
at the beach
watching gorgeous sunset
creating my piece.
Oh how I love it,
just pure joy, love and peace.
It’s wonderful, so wonderful with nature.
Feeling truly alive and grateful!

I find joy in my solitude
The loveliness accompany me
the wind whispers
the sea waves
the birds tweets
the trees shades
the beauty of being comfortably alone
In a wonderful world of own.


The irony of it.

The reflection I’ve written were based on my observations of the behavior from the people I deal with, people with different status.

The poor and the rich.

The poor offered what they have best                                                                                       They even apologize thinking it may not suit for their guests

While the rich…

The rich offered                                                                                                                             What they are willing to lose, not necessarily their best

Of course this does not apply to all,                                                                                                 so don’t worry if you think that you are rich and your giving your best.

Well, your exempted.

“Being rich is not about how much you have,                                                                              but how much you can give.”


Midnight Thought

Star gazing, day come anew

It’s 12 midnight

full moon shining

above the island

sandy, powdered-white beach

Oh, I just love the feeling.

Lying barefoot.

Thinking nothing.


Cloud is moving

Til it covers the moon

A bit of darkness

Yet  light still illumines

I listen in silence

I listen in voices

Finally thinking, your love…

Your L♥Ve oh Lord is just amazing!




Time-Pride heal

time heals wounds

at least a little bit

but pride helps more,

you know when..

you control yourself not to think about the guy

who made you cry in the plane

thinking you’ll gonna miss him..

yes, you feel pathetic.

Wasted tears over unsure matters

you remember how much you hoped for

to be “together” but he never tried

and you waited and waited

until it longer hurt.

Now when you think about it, it’s just part of

some kind of a “heartbreak”

and your damn over it 🙂


I miss you, I miss myself

I miss writing in plain white sheet

I miss you and sorry I forget,

I miss you, I am lazy I know

I miss you, oh yes, I miss myself.
When I cannot cope up

I lose it,

Caught up in a mix

Wrecking ball in my head.
Words could have been written

Feelings not forgotten,

In time memory fades

I’m glad someone reminds me of it.
But I know it’s always been there

The gift He shares,

That which brings calmness

Peace, beauty and identity within.


Believe ♥ ♥ ♥

For the wonders of the universe are yours
The law governs your will
No mystery in believing
Faith in action, answers everything.

When doubts creep in
Thoughts renew
With great confidence
It becomes Strong hold.

My heart sings so loud
My soul expressing
Feeling of joyfulness hard to contain,
Finally happening.

You know every single day and night
I claim, I believe, I feel, I imagine
I trust, I cry, I give thanks,
Everything I surrender.

These things in my mind,
carried in my heart I am grateful
Feeling it brings
I have lived. I believe.


Broken ♥ Praise

Oh I will sing praises
Despite my heartache
Job lost everything
Yet he remain in faith
How can I not?

I hold on to your promises
Your words resonate.
It become flesh
Your thoughts greater than mine
Your ways far mysterious.

You never fail to grant my heart’s desire
You won’t stop now
I will continue to love
To sing joyful hymns
Even in tears.

In you I surrender my dream.
I lift it up.
I still believe.
I trust in you.
My GOD, my confidence.

Your promises.
Your ways.
Your greatness.
Your generosity.
Your mercy and your L O V E  for me.