Heavy ♥

I saw him

I saw him with her

I don’t know what to think

I don’t know how to react

But I felt a little heavy

Heaviness in my heart

I was blank for a moment

Everything seems slow

There was sadness.


Why did it affect me like that?

This is going too much

I didn’t expect.

Question in my head

Maybe she is special to him

A girlfriend?

But do I care?

It’s difficult to answer.

Was it jealousy?

Or something else?











funny forget

The feeling 

I have been thinking

I have been writing

I have been believing

Dissolves like a snap

Its funny, in a funny way

Because my friends

Told me “He is gay”

Should I believe

Should I not

But I must admit

It disappoints me a lot.

When I think about it.

I laugh to myself.

So this is how

That foolishness stops. 

Forget it.



I missed the show, I could have seen you
In my mind, I wonder
Were your eyes searching mine?
Under the crowded Christmas lights

I am hoping, somehow you will like me too
And you're interested to know
Sometimes I ask myself, if you're thinking of me too
But I can’t think any reason why should you.

May destiny brings us together
You and me, our time 
Just walking, watching sunset
Talking, sweet dancing.

Romantic thoughts I keep
Written in this sacred space
I never thought of someone
Like I do, to you.

You are strange, good puzzling ways
You seldom smile, I wonder why
I whisper this feeling to the air
And pray you feel the same.

Oh funny, this difficulty I'm in
It's good but tiring
But I just want to thank you
For making my heart sparkle again.

You may never know 
All of this
But maybe one day
I'll tell you about it.


The feeling I hide

Torturing me inside

Spending time thinking

Losing sleep sometimes

I think of him, out of nowhere

Why? Silly!  I should stop, I told myself.

We share different beliefs.

But this feeling, I keep to myself.

This feeling I am hiding,

This feeling I can’t even accept.

This feeling I am now freeing.

Days go by, I haven’t seen him

So here I am writing

Maybe I miss him.




Sunset and Solitude

On the bench
at the beach
watching gorgeous sunset
creating my piece.
Oh how I love it,
just pure joy, love and peace.
It’s wonderful, so wonderful with nature.
Feeling truly alive and grateful!

I find joy in my solitude
The loveliness accompany me
the wind whispers
the sea waves
the birds tweets
the trees shades
the beauty of being comfortably alone
In a wonderful world of own.


The irony of it.

The reflection I’ve written were based on my observations of the behavior from the people I deal with, people with different status.

The poor and the rich.

The poor offered what they have best                                                                                       They even apologize thinking it may not suit for their guests

While the rich…

The rich offered                                                                                                                             What they are willing to lose, not necessarily their best

Of course this does not apply to all,                                                                                                 so don’t worry if you think that you are rich and your giving your best.

Well, your exempted.

“Being rich is not about how much you have,                                                                              but how much you can give.”