my mind wanders
thoughts flow and flow

of things, of dreams

of places, of you

I feel like floating

just floating



not too much

just right

Im taking my time

Enjoying now

Looking forward whats next.


You in my dreams

How ironic,

when I tried to forget

You have shown interest,

in my dreams.

Yes!  You were there,

in my mid-night dreams. Thrice.

Each moment feels right and real

Memories still vivid

You want to spend time with me.

We laugh, had coffee.

You approach me, unhesitatingly

Like you really like me.

My heart wish its true.

Not just in dreams too.



Always hope

I may received failure notice

But I hold on to your truth

Because you are all goodness and love

I remember, when I kneeled

I just know that it was answered.

I’ll keep the faith.

Your plans are as high as the heavens

I trust in Your promise.

I learn in everything,

And always hope.





Pain and Peace

When I read the truth

I froze, time stopped

Tears dropped

Heart broken

But I called your Name,

I prayed.

I don’t believe in impossibility

Because You can do anything you know,

You are God.

This pain we carry,

This pain we offer,

We lift up,

Brings hope,

Draws us closer

Renewed spirit

Deeper understanding

Divine Healer

In You we cling.

You are our peace.





It hurts when you did not respond

Not even acknowledging what I say

I guess that is because you mean to me.

Or maybe not really, it’s just me thinking

Maybe I matter to you.

You know, I try to question my worth,

And realize maybe because

I’m just a nobody

And it hurts badly

But thank you,

those romantic thoughts

have vanished

self pride get the better of me

And now I’m free! : )



when success is happiest

Sitting on the bench
In a peaceful beach, almost sunset
Thinking what success truly is
Wandering self,
Focus is what I need
Resign and try to live

Searching for the soul, lost interest
Time conceals
Looking back, life is a bliss
But sadness comes like rain
Do not be dismayed
Choice provided

Live the life you truly wanted
That brings happiness
It doesn’t matter what others think
At times you feel low
Left out and unguided
Be awaken, let it not stay

Cherish the gift bestowed.
See the flowers bloom again
Get up and be somebody
you’ve been dreaming.
Yes dream again!
Without bothering what others have accomplished.

Forget what others want you to get,
Follow the inner most voice that matters.
The loveliness inside of you,
The light that shines within
That which you truly desire.
This makes life happiest.