Camotes Experience

You know that feeling when you are tired and bored at work and the thought of solo backpacking comes into your mind like a snap? Yes, that’s what happened. I imagine myself visiting unfamiliar place alone with my backpack. I dream of exploring a place, talking to the locals asking questions and directions, smiling to cute kids. Spending time alone in traveling makes my mine clear and more appreciative. It excites me and makes me think of other possibilities. I know that by doing so it would make me feel more independent, free spirited woman. Anyhow, I searched for place around Cebu and decided to have my first solo backpacking in Camotes. I thought at least if I get lost Im still in Cebu and its would be easy to find my way back. (haha! that lame thought, I know)

However, things changed, one of my friend wanted to join so I asked one more no and then decided to invite more and more and more friends. The original idea of solo backpacking in Camotes faded and the excitement of travelling with the group came in!

So here we are anyway!

First stop Mangodlong Paradise Beach

All girls jumpshot @ Mangodlong Paradise Beach:)

Mangodlong Beach (Vogue Philippines Edition haha!)

White powdery sand  @ Mangodlong Beach


Paraiso Cave, first stop caving 🙂

Photo Credit to my friend Judy 🙂


Paraiso Cave


Then off to our accomodation @ Bakhaw Beach



Early morning game @ Bakhaw Beach

Evening groupie 🙂

Hopped in again to Buho Rock

This is the cheapest (yet so fun) group escapade we had, see breakdown below.


Php 35- Jeepney fare SM Cebu – Danao port

Php 180- Danao port – Camotes ferry boat

Php 700/person – food, accomodation and tour ( group of 13)

Php 3600 – very nice private house, 100 for kitchen utensils

Php 2500 – tour includes pick-up and drop-off to port

Special thanks Kuya Alfred whom I contacted  ( but I have not meet ) for the accomodation and tour. You may reach him @ . Realiable and answers inquiry.

Places visited:

  • Mangodlong Beach @Php 20 Entrance fee
  • Paraiso Cave @ Php 25
  • Bakhaw Beach (free this is where we stayed)
  • Buho Rock @ Php 20
  • Agora Market (free of course)
  • Bukilat Cave
  • Baywalk (free)

We had a great time in the island , but hey I still want to go on solopackbacking though Camiguin is a good idea what do you think? Hope you find something helpful and interesting in this  lovely island of CAMOTES post.

Note: I know right? The draft has been created for like one year. Never get the change to edit until now and publish so yah, this things happen, you know, procrastination. Boom 😉 Anyway, good day!

All the best!


Much Love ♥

Criz C.


Byaheng Makulay sa Medellin 

Won extra rest day and decided to visit this colorful town up North and experience sky away adventures. Yup, you read it right, this colorful peaceful town offers different sky rides that would make you hold your breath for a while.

Aside from funtastic Island, the place also offers exciting activity perfect for the family. Try sky bike, Tarzan jump, zip line and many more in Zip Away situated at barangat Camputan Norte, Medellin.

So here we come!

Drum roll please! 🙂
Well, well, well, Unfortunately the worker said they only open every weekend and holiday. Oh ow! What the? Gosh we came all the way from the City spend 3 hrs in the bus and paid Php 150 and we will not be able to enjoy the ride? Seriously? This is amazing, pretty amazing adventure that ended in no less of any color. But yes, I know I have a choice—go back and regret about the plan blame myself for not knowing the very important thing, blame my teammate who told us wrong informtion or be happy and still enjoy the place, feel the wind, see the colors of the paints, look at the horizon where green meets blue. Of course I chose what is better, inhale all the positivity this place can offer and exhale any regrets and should haves.

Now let me highlight the colors of the place 🙂


@Zip Away (Zipline starts here) 

The view from the top of Zip Away 🙂




Can’t help myself capturing it, like in the book 🙂 Serene and green


Me and my friend “France”, she was trembling 🙂 haha!


Medellin’s colorful Bamboo bridge

Itinerary and Expenses:
Php150 – Bus fare (Cebu North Bus – Medellin Town Proper)
Php60 Lunch
Php50 each /100 per ride ( habal-habal Medellin town proper – Zip Away)
Php50 each/100 per ride (habal-habal Zip away to Bamboo Bridge )
Php40 snacks
Php150 Medellin – Cebu City
Total: Php 500  🙂

Cheap right? Yes indeed! So plan your trip and make the most of it, even if there are unexpected unpleasant circumstances, let it not ruin your day and happiness. How you respond to it is what truly matters.  🙂  #mytravelthought for that weekend.


All the best!


Much love ♥

Criz C.



VisaYas State University


there is a mountain there is a beach

falls good for trek, fresh air you will breath

experience nature everyday

oh how i enjoy the serenity, the beauty of its simplicity
look around you and be awed
how God made VSU a good school for you
excellent in agricultural courses, good at other fields
tuition is low, thanks Government for subsidizing a few.
Simple discipline i was thought
Dorm rules i followed never missed curfew
Haha but you know I violated the rules too
and thats a secret I don’t want to tell you 🙂

oh my alma matter! 
Yes I graduated here, meet lifetime friends
Crushes bloomed and faded
Knowledge i acquired, instructors i admired
Yes Lord I am thankful for all of it

and I say CongRatuLations to all the graduates!!! 🎓😀





Upper campus view


VSU upper oval