No matter how much you enjoy being single,

there will come a time that you wish to hold somebody else’s hand

while watching sunset at the beach.

You never thought it would happened, but it did.

So, you started praying for Mr. Right and realized that,

Yes! You are truly ready.




Why do I cry easily?

Cleaning some notes on my phone and found this. So I thought of posting it here, where only a few personally know me. This helps me better understand and love myself, I hope this will help you too, I mean if we are on the same page.

Originally written on: February 8, 2016
Do you cry easily? Well I do and I know, I understand, I accept and I learn to love the feeling of it.
Back then I thought I was weak because I easily cry. but as I become mature, I dismiss the idea. I choose well what I believe and accept. Its not a sign of weakness for me anymore. When you cry easily your body is deeply connected to your soul. You have a genuine heart. Your intentions are pure. You’re empathetic. When the brain perceives something that relates to you in a deeper level, the subconscious mind reacts to it thereby producing tears. There are times you cant just stop it.

When you cry you release toxins, yes the all the negative feelings, hurts, regrets, worries, anxieties, confusions, are release in form of droplets of tears. It constitutes to the healing process of your body and soul. I’m a spiritual being ( we all are) that observes and feels, this was revealed to me so I’m sharing it in ways I know. I do not claim scientific evidences but I know its real and happening.
Cry when you feel like. For some it connotes weakness, well it depends. Weakness is just one side of it. It never was it all about. When was the last time you cried? How did you feel about after it? I believe when you hide the pain it gets back to you, our body is like a balloon that holds a certain amount of air that when you put too much into it, it will blow. Go on feel the pain in your tears, express it passively. You’d rather want tears than diseases don’t you? The amount of negative force in you will manifest through your body. So release it, cry healthily, do not overdo. The best time to cry is when you are alone, no hesitations no reservations, just you and your mind and body. Crying helps in the process of healing and solving the problem if you allow it to be.
For kids crying is just simply an expression of pain or disappointments. No wonder they do not bear grudges.
The tears of joy. When you are happy, so happy and so grateful your body cannot contain the joy it releases small watery tears, this is happiness express in most profound way. You can’t help it, its just too genuine it penetrates the soul. Tears of joy is an expression of gratefulness and fullness of grace.

Thanks for reading 🙂

All love



The irony of it.

The reflection I’ve written were based on my observations of the behavior from the people I deal with, people with different status.

The poor and the rich.

The poor offered what they have best                                                                                       They even apologize thinking it may not suit for their guests

While the rich…

The rich offered                                                                                                                             What they are willing to lose, not necessarily their best

Of course this does not apply to all,                                                                                                 so don’t worry if you think that you are rich and your giving your best.

Well, your exempted.

“Being rich is not about how much you have,                                                                              but how much you can give.”


Been a while


Its been a while since I’ve written something, dull easy moments in life makes me feel lazy and indifferent. I think, for the past few months I lost something innate in me, my writing,  my interest, my cheerfulness, my poetry. It is hard to accept though but I know there was something different going around. Reading my previous post brings back good memories, colorful one. I think what is important  now is that this blog help me see myself at some point back in time, and its inspiring. Weather, others read this or not, I guess what is more important now is that the page I created when I have the passion and motivation helps me see myself again, what’s my word in the world of world. Indeed worth keeping.

So create your world too, make it a wonderful one.

Love yourself ♥ don’t be too hard, rekindle the fire within and LIVE again.


Much ♥




Your words count

I was looking for direction, so I visited google. Found a new travel blog, saw many opportunities for the writer such as word construction, grammar, etc. but I chose to look more than that, I was thankful he wrote those things, it has the information that I needed. I was reminded of one fact, we don’t need to start perfect, we just need to start 🙂 to start what we want to do, to be open and be better. We will never know how our words could help, encourage, inspire someone somewhere at some point, even if others may find it unimportant.

Keep posting.

Your words count.

Its significant.

Others may find many mistakes.

But I find it helpful. So thank you.


Much ♥

Criz C.



Writer writes.

The thought of becoming a writer never entered my mind when I was young.  I actually thought of the opposite. The memory is so vivid I can never forget it when I asked myself “Dili pod ba kaha na kapuyon ug suwat ang mga writers noh, nga kapoy man gani ko ug basa?” Will writers not get tired of writing, when I’m even tired of reading? Do you think it’s a good question from a 10 years old grade 4 pupil? Haha 🙂 I guess so. Well, that was 15 years ago.  Maybe I am meant to write, that as a young age the question came to me out of nowhere so I can answer it for myself at a later time. Life gives me enough moment to get into the question deeply.  So here I am.

Funny it seems that I’m writing now. It’s the best expression I know. Things have changed. We grow, we express, and we find the best of ourselves.  Writers will never get tired of writing because they love doing it and when they love what they  do,  they  do it often. Writers love writing as much as kids love playing. Simple as it is.

It took time for me to discover and understand that it is something that I really love to do. Well, people also said that I’m good at it. Guess who they were? (hahaha!) 🙂 Yes you are right, they are my friends. But I believe in them so I have the guts to make this blog and write more. True friends never lie; they want the best and make constructive criticism. I’m, grateful I have a few.  I do not really write to impress or make my work publish I’m writing to express and create memories in words, I know someone somewhere can relate to it too. Making other people like my work is just a big blow bonus!

Thanks for reading, may you find your best expression.


All the best!

Criz C♥








Late. I don’t like it.

Late for 18 minutes, woke up around 4:45am shift is at 5:00am. Disappointing, yes! True enough, self discipline can never hurt you. When you lack that you are actually hurting yourself first. When people get so use to it, it comes to a point that it does not hurt anymore; it becomes a habit, very inefficient self degrading one. I DO NOT WANT IT TO HAPPEN TO ME! I am writing now to remind myself about it. I’ve learned my lesson enough. In my mind there is always this longing to move upward, it takes so much discipline and commitment, I know. Others did it well; I do not see any reasons why I can’t. 🙂

I am the type of person who arrives on time not late neither early. But someone said “5 Minutes Early Is On Time; On Time Is Late; Late Is Unacceptable”.  Well, I guess the point here is to make yourself available at least 6 minutes before the schedule, but you may set your own standard if you wish.

Generally, people won’t take action until they are hurt and I’m no exception. Only then we realize the value of a virtue if the consequences involve real value. I’ve lost my bonuses because I was late for 18 minutes and it hurts on my pay. Really. Now tell me who to blame? Yes, me, myself and I. No one else, and who can change? Me, myself and I too, who else do you expect. Other people cannot do it for us. But before we can change, we must forgive ourselves first. Don’t be too hard on yourself and move on.  So I say, its okay CrizC. It needs to happen so you will experience how it will affect you and that feeling will help you in fulfilling your priorities and commitments no matter how simple or unimportant it may appear. Time is value, self discipline is a must.

I forgive myself. Setting good time standard this time! AJA!

All the best.

-CrizC ♥